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English classes in New York

Brooklyn School of Languages is a local, independent English language school in New York with excellent customer service and a warm welcome. Our English classes in New York focus on our students and meeting their diverse language learning needs in our comfortable and fully equipped school in New York’s most populous borough.

Our English classes are small (12 max for General English and 8 max for Business English) to ensure students receive the best possible language learning experience from our ensemble of highly-qualified, professional teachers. Our school offers modern classrooms, a communal kitchen area,  Wi-Fi, and stunning views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn.

Our ESL school in NYC is situated in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, just a 5-minute walk from the famous Brooklyn Promenade, which looks out over Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. So if you are looking for an English language school in New York City, BSL is perfectly located. There are a wide range of shops, restaurants and bars all within a few minutes’ walk of the school, and the nearest subway stop–serving the 2, 3, 4, 5 and R lines–is directly outside the school entrance.

Being in Brooklyn, we are able to offer affordable housing close to the school. Our housing options include carefully selected host families based on their levels of pastoral care shown to our students, as well as a year-round shared student house and various coliving options all within Brooklyn.

Learn English in New York at Brooklyn School of Languages and be part of a real New York City community!

English classes in New York - ESL Awards School Facilities of the year    English classes in New York - ESL Awards School of the Year

School Facilities:

English classes in New York School Building:

The school takes up the entire 34th floor of Brooklyn’s tallest landmark building, which was built in 1928.

English classes in New York Classrooms:

Modern classrooms offering amazing views of the city, plenty of natural light and a comfortable learning environment.

English classes in New York Internet & Wi-Fi:

Wireless internet access throughout the center and access to internet-connected ipads.

English classes in New York Refreshments:

Hot fresh coffee and water served everyday.
There is a small communal kitchen area available to students during break times.


Brooklyn is New York’s largest borough. Hundreds of languages are spoken there, from Russian in Brighton Beach to Hebrew in Williamsburg, but English is the common thread that unifies people and places.

Brooklyn School of Languages has expert teachers who use communicative methods along with state-of-the-art learning technology for our English classes in New York. These native-level English instructors give you the knowledge, skill, and confidence needed to order a bagel in a Jewish deli, discuss politics in a French café, buy vegetables at a Chinese market, argue about football in an Irish Pub, and sing your favorite English song at a Korean karaoke bar, all without leaving Brooklyn.

Brooklyn School of Languages has student-centered classes, locally-owned homestays, and a year-round shared student house, as well as neighborhood-focused activities that will immerse you in the English language, the New York lifestyle, and the Brooklyn culture. If you study with us long enough, you may even develop a Brooklyn accent!


Below is a summary of our student body for the year 2019 (ages and nationalities).

Other nationalities (9%):

Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, Congo, Czech Republic, French Guinea, Georgia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Martinique, Morocco, Seychelles, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, Yemen


Standard English Course

Do you want to improve your English while learning about New York City? Then our Standard English Course may be perfect for you. From 9:00 until 12:15 your teacher will guide you and your classmates through the world of English grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and pronunciation while providing a foundation for practical usage of everything from conditional sentences (If I go to Coney Island today…) to local idioms (Fuhgeddaboudit). After you’ve encountered the technical side of English in your morning classes, you’ll switch gears and focus on the practical side in the afternoon. Our conversation classes focus on a different NYC theme each week and allow you to explore a specific topic, gain fluency and confidence, and use that knowledge to absorb the new language concepts.

Intensive English Course

Do you want to study English intensively to make the most of your short time in New York? Or do you need to study long-term in order to reach a high level of English to gain access to a university? If so, the Intensive course is the one for you. It is a full-time program including academic skills-based and content-based electives, allowing our intensive students to progress at a quicker rate while improving their academic English skills.

Business English Course

Do you carry your business card to the beach? Then our Business Course is what you are looking for. In small groups of 8 students maximum, our experienced teachers will discuss everything from banking to bartering while you drink complimentary coffee and enjoy our breathtaking view of Wall Street and the rest of the Financial District. You will also have the opportunity to work on your CV, perfect a LinkedIn profile, and learn how to market your company and yourself to an English speaking audience.

Combined English Course

Do you like speaking with people? Do you need individual attention to learn effectively? If you said yes to both of these, then our Combined English Course is just what the doctor ordered. You take the standard course during the morning, interacting with your fellow language learners and being introduced to new material. Your 3 individual lessons will take place in the afternoon according to your and your teacher’s availability. You can use that time to review what you’ve done in the morning, focus on an area of weakness you want to improve, prepare an exam or a work presentation, or learn something entirely new from your personal teacher. It may just be the best of both worlds.

Individual Tuition

Do you have a specific individual goal? Does your English class need to be specialized in your particular field? In that case, you should consider our private lessons. Our teachers are not only experts in Language learning, but they also have professional training in a variety of alternative fields. Whether you are interested in legal English, photography, test preparation, or any other field, we can tailor a 1-on-1 course to your needs around your schedule.

Junior Summer Program

Are you between 14 and 17 years old? Do you want to spend the month of July in New York City? Then tell your parents to send you to the Brooklyn School of Languages’ Junior Summer Program. A high level of English will improve your chances of being accepted at a top University. The cultural variety of Brooklyn will make you a more worldly student. You will discover this unique and exciting city thanks to a full program of supervised afternoon and weekend activities. And, because space is limited, you will have the chance to develop a close network of friends in a supportive and caring environment.



Our mission at BSL is to provide dynamic and serious instruction in English as a Second Language. We want to help students meet their academic, social, and professional language needs.

Program Goals

Real communication-
At BSL we use the Communicative Approach in all of our language classes and recreate real-life situations for our students to practice and develop their English language skills.

Our students speak only English in class, and our classes are small (a maximum of 12 students) to ensure students have many opportunities to speak, making our classes rewarding and interactive.

Good teachers, authentic materials & the right environment-
Our teachers are University-trained with professional teaching qualifications and all speak English at a native-speaker level. All of our teachers must first have an interview and then teach a demonstration class before they are selected to work at the school.

In addition to the coursebook, our teachers have access to a wide range of supplemental resources.

Our school location in Brooklyn is an asset in these pursuits, as the borough’s diversity and vitality are useful educational tools.

Diverse & carefully chosen local housing options-
At BSL all of our housing options are Brooklyn-based and are, on average, 30 minutes from the school via public transportation.

Most of our students opt to stay with our local host families who have been personally selected and visited by the school staff to ensure that we are able to offer the best selection and range of families to reflect the diversity of Brooklyn.

We also offer a summer student residence, located within walking distance of the school and two shared student houses available year-round, which can house up to 12 students.

Student-centered activity programs-
Our students don’t just visit the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. We introduce them to everything the city has to offer, with a special focus on our revitalized home borough of Brooklyn.

Our school-organized social program is diverse and includes a wide range of activities for all types of students.

Individual & committed pastoral care of our students-
We understand being away from home can be a challenging experience so we aim to provide our students with as much help and advice as we can.

We produce a weekly What’s on Guide, and our school staff is on hand throughout the day to help and assist students with their individual requests and needs.



Our mission at BSL is to provide dynamic and serious English instruction in a safe and fun environment for our young learners. We want to help our students meet their academic goals and acquire valuable social skills while enjoying their summertime in New York.

Program Goals

Real communication-
We use the communicative approach in all of our junior classes. We also link our morning lessons to our afternoon activities to encourage students to use what they have learned in class in real-life situations thus further developing their English language skills.

Classes are small (a maximum of 15 students) allowing both our students to have more talking time in the classroom, and our teachers to spend more time on each individual student’s needs or weaknesses.

Good teachers, authentic materials & the right environment-
Our teachers are University-trained with a professional teaching qualification with experience teaching younger learners. All of our teachers speak English at a native-speaker level. Before recruitment, all our teachers must first have an interview and then teach a demonstration class before they are selected to work at the school.

In addition to the coursebook, our teachers have access to a wide range of supplemental resources.

Carefully selected homestay accommodation-
We house our young learners in pairs in carefully chosen homestays in Brooklyn, in easily accessible residential neighborhoods on average 30 minutes away from the school by subway.

Our junior hosts are carefully recruited by BSL staff to ensure a safe, comfortable environment and a high level of pastoral care for our students.

Exciting creative workshops-
Learning English is not all about sitting in a classroom. Our range of creative arts workshops gives our young students the opportunity to practice their English in a fun and relaxed environment while acquiring some valuable skills that will go beyond their summer course.

Student-centered activities-
We aim to open our students’ eyes to the diversity of the city, so we introduce them to everything it has to offer, from Manhattan’s famous sights to our home Borough of Brooklyn’s sites of interest.

Students are led by our expert activity leaders on all BSL activities to ensure the students’ safety and well being at all times.

Individual and committed pastoral care-
We understand being away from home can be a challenging experience so we aim to provide our students with as much help and advice as we can. Our school staff members are on hand throughout the day to help and assist students with their individual requests and needs.

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