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Why book insurance

BSL does not require students to provide proof of travel or health insurance coverage, however it is highly recommended that students purchase an insurance protection plan. Travel insurance is designed to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. Health care in the United States is very expensive, and health insurance is for your benefit and protection.

Visitors to the U.S. cannot purchase health insurance that is available for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and most domestic insurance policies purchased overseas are not effective inside the U.S.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase an insurance protection plan that covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation and treatment for sickness or injuries while in the U.S. Students should travel to the US with a proof of insurance document.

We especially recommend it for all our students who are studying here on F1 visas.

Consequences of failing to maintain adequate insurance coverage:

Students choosing to travel without an adequate health and travel insurance coverage may have to face extremely high costs in case of travel issues (missing/cancelling a flight for example) or medical emergencies (accidents, hospital treatments, repatriation etc…) as health care in the United States is very expensive.


BSL recommends international insurance, a highly respected, well-known insurance provider that has been in the industry for more than 15 years. is among the world’s largest insurance providers in international education, protecting thousands of individuals studying and working abroad. is an ideal insurance provider for BSL students as it is designed specifically for students studying abroad. They offer a variety of affordable plans specifically designed for international students.


Who is eligible for coverage? Global Travel Insurance is available to persons under 65 years of age on the departure date, travelling outside their home country as a student, chaperone or participant in educational/business/cultural exchanges, subject to the following restrictions:

  • You must be insured for the full duration of the covered trip
  • Coverage is effective throughout the world except in your home country
  • The policy must be purchased prior to your departure from your home country
  • You must not have a medical condition for which a physician has advised you against travel
  • You must not have been diagnosed with a terminal sickness prior to contracting insurance
  • The covered trip must not exceed 365 days

What does the insurance policy cover?

If you have a new sickness or injury that first occurs AFTER the start date of your policy,your policy will cover these expenses:

  • Doctor/physician
    The insurance will pay for doctor’s visits to treat a new urgent condition in a doctor’s office or clinic, or when you need to go to the Emergency Room.
  • Emergency room
    When the doctor says you need to go to the hospital, or you need urgent medical care outside regular clinic or office hours, the insurance will pay for treatment at an Emergency Room (ER) at the Hospital.
  • Ambulance
    When you are unable to get to a hospital for an urgent condition, the insurance will pay for an ambulance to take you there.
  • Tests and X-rays
    When the doctor says you need tests (such as blood or urine tests) or X-rays to diagnose your new condition, the insurance will pay for these tests. Other tests such as ‘CAT scan’ or ‘CT scan’ may not be covered.
  • Hospital
    If you need to stay in the hospital, the insurance will pay for all hospital costs.
  • Dental
    Coverage for dental work for the relief of acute pain and suffering.
  • Accidental dental
    If you are hit in the mouth or are in an accident and your own teeth are damaged, the insurance will pay to repair or replace those teeth.
  • Prescription medicines
    If you go to a doctor who gives you a prescription to go to the drug store to buy medicine from the pharmacist, the insurance will pay for the medicine up to a maximum 30-day supply, but not for refills of medications.

Important note: This is a brief summary of benefits only. Full details on benefits, exclusions and limitations will be found in your policy once you have contracted your travel insurance. The actual Policy wording will always be the master contract and terms and will always prevail.

What is NOT covered?

The below is only a summary of exclusions. Once you have booked, your policy will include full details.

  • Treatment or medication to maintain a chronic, ongoing condition (such as high blood pressure)
  • Unstable pre-existing conditions (please refer to the policy for details)
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery or procedures
  • Any expenses before coverage starts or after coverage has expired
  • Medical services provided in your home country
  • Extreme activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving etc.
  • Medications available without prescriptions (over-the-counter or OTC medicines)
  • Any treatment required due to alcohol or drug abuse.


BSL students benefit from a special rate of $2 per day during their stay in the U.S. Please contact us to get your code in order to benefit from this rate.


You can get an insurance quote and buy your insurance package from the website by clicking here. The application process is quick and easy and you can become insured in just a few clicks.

Please make sure you purchase your insurance BEFORE you travel and not after you have already arrived in the U.S. Remember -your insurance will NOT cover any accident or injury that has happened before you contracted your insurance.

For more details on application process and services covered, please visit