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Music is in the Air

  It’s no secret that Brooklyn is an excellent destination for live music. In fact, my downstairs neighbor just picked up a steel drum, so I’m fortunate enough to hear live music everyday! But seriously, if you want to give…

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Streets to Stroll in Brooklyn

  NYC’s second largest borough is a tapestry of colorful neighborhoods. It’s no surprise that there are some truly beautiful streets to stroll. So put on your trusty kicks and follow me down some of Brooklyn’s bustling thoroughfares and tranquil…

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The neighborhoods

Brooklyn has more diversity in its neighborhoods than any other borough in New York City. From the new and lively Dumbo just below the Brooklyn Bridge, to vibrant and artsy Fort Greene. The cool bars and restaurants of Park Slope…

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Why Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become a destination in its own right and has so much to offer, whether you are staying just a few days, or much longer. Brooklyn seems like a haven from the fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle, and has kept all its natural…

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