ESL Awards "School Facility of the year 2017 + 2018"
ESL Awards "English School of the year 2016"

BSL Staff

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Rich Ambler
School Director/Academic & Programs Manager

Rich runs the school and can help you with any issues you may have with your class schedules, your housing or any other questions about life in New York. He is also the Academic Advisor to all of the students and coordinates our teaching programs. Rich speaks English and Portuguese. He is from Cambridge, England.

Stéphanie Bon
Sales & Marketing Manager

Steph is primarily based in France, but you will also see her at the school from time to time. She travels around the world to increase awareness of the school to develop our agent network, to expand our program portfolio and to manage the school's communications. She also helps with our student admissions and school administration. She speaks French, Portuguese and English. She is from Bordeaux, France.

Lucia Roman Canivell
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Lucia is our Digital Marketing Coordinator.  She coordinates our social media, writing our weekly blog and creating engaging content for our Facebook and Instagram accounts. She is from Seville in Spain, and speaks Spanish and English.

Abby Aguilar
Academics and Programs Manager

Abby coordinates our admissions process at BSL, which includes pre-arrival arrangements for individuals, juniors and groups. She also oversees our Curriculum Development, and coordinates the BSL finances on a day to day basis. She speaks English and Spanish. She is from Houston, Texas and currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina.