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Our Methodology

ESL Awards School Facilities of the year - Learn English grammar

Our teaching methods

The English language programs at BSL reflect the cultural diversity and life in New York City and its borough of Brooklyn and at the same time take into account the international use of the language. All of our courses are designed to ​help you learn English grammar and improve your general language skills in an effective and enjoyable way. With classes taking place both at the school and outside whilst exploring the city.

Communicative Approach

The more you speak English the faster you will learn English. That is why our teachers will encourage you to speak in English all the time. All lessons feature pair and group work activities that motivate students to communicate. Problem-solving tasks and interesting topics involve students and make learning more enjoyable and interactive.

Integrated Grammar Instruction

Our students learn ​English Grammar in a meaningful context, i.e. by using authentic texts and real life speech. Grammar lessons are not separated from other instructional units but integrated into the larger context of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our teachers guide their students to observe language structures and then use their own knowledge to explain language use and form. We enable our students to further apply their current grammar knowledge to future learning. Students’ engagement in the instruction of English grammar makes learning truly effective.

Student-centered Instruction

Student-centered teaching methods promote active learning, in which students answer questions, formulate questions of their own, solve problems, discuss, explain, brainstorm, cooperate with other course participants etc. Learning in small groups (maximum of 12 students per class, average of 7 students per class) ensures that all learners are actively participating at all times. Our teachers challenge and support every single student by providing individual feedback and suggestions about how each participant can learn English grammar and further improve his/her English language skills.

Experiential and Cooperative Learning

At BSL students are actively involved in the language learning experience. Our teachers encourage you to reflect on your own learning process and to make the most of your personal learning style. Cooperative learning tasks are intellectually demanding and creative. Genuine teamwork contributes decisively to our students’ success.

Authentic Learning Materials & Environment

In our classrooms we provide real life situations to learn English grammar and practice and develop your speaking skills. We use textbooks that expose our students to authentic language in real world contexts. In addition to the course book, our teachers have access to a wide range of additional resources to make learning inviting as well as motivating. Students will be exposed to different English accents and develop a variety of skills and strategies that help them cope outside the classroom independently.

Adult English Courses

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Want to improve your English outside the classroom?

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