ESL Awards "School Facility of the year 2017"
ESL Awards "English School of the year 2016"



Brochure and price list

  2019 Junior Brochure
  2019 Adult Brochure
  2019 price list
  2018 Adult Brochure
  2018 price list

2018 Enrollment forms

  Enrollment form adult
  Enrollment form junior
  F1 Enrollment Form
  Admission procedure initial F1 students
  Admission procedure F1 transfer students

Course fact files

  Standard English Course
  Semi-intensive English course
  Intensive English course
  Business English Course
  Combined English Course
  Part-Time Evening Course
  Individual lessons
  First day information adults
  First day information juniors

Accommodation fact files

  Host Families Bed & Breakfast and Half-Board option
  Host Families Room Only
  Bed-Stuy Shared Student House
  East Bushwick Small Residence

Activity programs

  December 2017 activity program
  January 2018 activity program
  February 2018 activity program
  March 2018 activity program
  April 2018 activity program
  May 2018 activity program
  June 2018 activity program
  July 2018 activity program
  August 2018 activity program