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Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe or a place to go dancing on a Friday night, we’ve got some great local tips for you so that there’s no need to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for the third time or get mixed up in a horde of people in Times Square. From neighborhood guides to off the beaten path destinations, consider our blog your one-stop destination for all things NYC culture.


Music is in the Air

  It’s no secret that Brooklyn is an excellent destination for live music. In fact, my downstairs neighbor just picked up a steel drum, so I’m fortunate enough to hear live music everyday! But seriously, if you want to give…

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How to Have the Perfect Day in Bushwick

  Bacon, Egg, and Cheese.. Please Start your day with a mouth-wateringly delicious bacon, egg, and cheese from Foster Sundry on Knickerbocker Ave. Served on a buttered biscuit, it’s is well worth the $8 price tag. You’ll be counting down…

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Streets to Stroll in Brooklyn

  NYC’s second largest borough is a tapestry of colorful neighborhoods. It’s no surprise that there are some truly beautiful streets to stroll. So put on your trusty kicks and follow me down some of Brooklyn’s bustling thoroughfares and tranquil…

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Semi-intensive Courses

Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes take place in the afternoons at BSL and are a really great opportunity to work on fluency and conversation skills for your ​English classes in New York. Although we do work on and practice speaking skills during our…

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One-to-one class

English for Business

It will come as a surprise to no one to learn that in recent decades, English has become the global language of business. Therefore, whether you run a multinational corporation or send a single English-language newsletter per month, business English…

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Adult English Courses
Adult Courses

English progression

Every student who decides to take an English course to improve their language skills has the same question: what’s the best way to make progress? The answer, however, is quite simple: motivation to establish relationships with English speakers. Whether it’s…

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