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International students are currently allowed to travel to the U.S. on an F1 Visa.
Book your Intensive Course now on an F1 Visa to discover the city with our new English Outdoors program!

The Power of Outdoor Learning​

Learn English outdoors in Brooklyn and Manhattan in small, Intensive English classes at our ESL school in New York. We offer English courses available for both long and short-term stays, with our Standard, Intensive (for F1 students), Individual and Combined English programs.

Our English lessons take place in outdoor locations all over the city, allowing students to make the most of their stay in New York while learning English and staying safe and socially distant. With the new health challenges the world is facing, being outside instead of in a confined classroom is the ideal way to learn English in New York.

Being immersed in the life and culture of NYC adds a unique element to the classroom experience. Instead of simply discussing NYC topics in a classroom, students are able to truly experience NYC life and culture first-hand.  Classes are rich in cultural content and conversation and also include weekly cultural and educational field trips around the city that are incorporated into every course.

  • A new and innovative way to learn English
  • An interactive classroom experience in truly authentic NYC settings
  • The city becomes your school, and its parks and gardens become your classrooms!
  • The chance to discover NYC from a different perspective during your English lessons
  • The opportunity to choose an eco-friendly English course, making the most of natural resources and light
  • A small ESL school in New York with a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere
  • Standard English, Intensive English, Individual English tuition, and a Summer Junior Program.
  • Carefully selected great host families and several coliving options located in Brooklyn and Manhattan
  • Learn ESL in New York and be part of a real NYC Community!

ESL school in New York - ESL Awards School of the Year

ESL school in New York - ESL Awards School Facilities of the yearESL school in New York - ESL Awards School Facilities of the year