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The Prices

2017 Adult Course Prices

(Prices per person per week)

1-6 weeks 7-12 weeks 13-23 weeks 24+ weeks
Standard course (morning) $350 $320 $290 $250
Standard summer course (afternoon) $295 $275
Semi-intensive course $390 $360 $330 $290
Intensive course $470 $440 $410 $360
Business course $395 $365
Combined course $495 $465 $435 $405
Individual lessons One-to-one $75 per lesson
Individual lessons Two-to-one $50 per lesson
Part-time evening course $319 for 5 weeks

2017 Accommodation Prices

(Prices per person per week)

Homestay Single Double Available
Host family, SC, cooking allowed $320 $270 Year-round
Host family, B&B, no cooking allowed $320 $270 Year-round
Host family, breakfast & dinner $390 $340 Year-round
Private bathroom $50 per week (subject to availability)
Shared house Price / person / week Available
Private Room, Single Bed, SC $370 Year-round
Private Room, Double Bed, SC $410 Year-round
Shared Room, Single Bed, SC $270 Year-round
Shared Room, Double Bed, SC $310 Year-round
Shared Room for sole use, SC $450 Year-round
Extra person in double or shared room $25 per night Year-round
High season supplement $40 per week April 30th - October 28th

2017 Junior Program Prices

2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Full package with accommodation $2,895 $4,095 $4,995
Course & Activities only $1,915 $2,655 $3,145
Course only $820 $1,230 $1,640

2017 Other Fees

Registration fee $120 (non-refundable)
Express mailing fee for I20 $75 (non-refundable)
Books & materials First book free, subsequent books $45 payable on site
(one book every 8 weeks)
Accommodation placement fee $100 (non-refundable)
Airport transfer from JFK $150 one-way
Airport transfer from Newark $175 one-way

2017 School Holidays

January 2nd: New Year’s Day
February 20th: President’s Day
May 29th: Memorial Day
July 4th: Independence Day
September 4th: Labor Day
October 9th: Columbus Day
November 23rd-24th: Thanksgiving
December 25th-29th: Christmas break

When the holiday falls on a Monday, classes will begin on Tuesday. Lessons falling on school holidays will be made up during the rest of that week.

Thanksgiving: classes lost that week will be partly made up during the week. Students will have 4 days’ worth of lessons over 3 days (therefore only one day will be lost).

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