Learn English in New York - Learn English in Brooklyn ESL Awards "English School of the year 2016"

BSL Staff

Rich Ambler

He runs the school and can help you with any issues you may have with your class schedules, your housing or any other questions about life in New York. Rich speaks English and Portuguese. He is from Cambridge, England.

Abby Aguilar

Abby is our Head of Admissions & Programs. She can help you with any questions you have on your course, your accommodation, and improving your experience here in Brooklyn. Abby is also our Immigration Advisor in case you have any questions related to immigration. She speaks English & Spanish. She is from Texas, USA.

Lauren Wyner

Lauren Wyner is our Academic Manager. Her main role is as an Academic Advisor to all of the students. Lauren will e-mail you your progress reports from your teachers, and she will also aim to meet you on an individual basis. Lauren is also one of our ESL teachers! She speaks English & French. She is from Boston, USA.

Madison Nunes

Madison is our Student Services Coordinator. She coordinates all of the school activities and events, and can advise you on things to do in Brooklyn, New York and elsewhere in the US. She also looks after our social media (Facebook, Instagram). She is a trained teacher and sometimes teaches at school too. She can answer your questions in Spanish or French. She is from Newport, Rhode Island.

Stéphanie Bon

She is our Sales & Marketing Manager. Steph is primarily based in France, but you will also see her at the school from time to time. She travels around the world to increase awareness of the school to develop our agent network, to expand our program portfolio and to manage the school's communications. She is from Bordeaux, France.

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